Stay Wyse, Stay Foolish

It’s All In The Name

People ask us where the name Wyse Fools came from. So we’ll break it down how we put it together and what gave us the inspiration.

Wyse- we took it back to Socrates for this one, a Greek philosopher who said true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. Which we took as we have to have an open mind and learn as much as we can and never stop learning. So we approach everything we do in that manner. Knowledge is power.

Fools- when we talk about fools, we take it in a way where we have to be foolish to take chances, a “nothing to lose state of mind”. Not to be afraid of making moves.

We feel like being both Wise and foolish is something we all need to be, even though it’s a phrase that’s contradicting they also go hand in hand. Having a premeditated vision then being able to take a chance and seek it out is what it takes.

Our inspiration for the name came from Shakespeare who would use wise fools a lot in his plays, most of his fools are peasants or average joes who use their wit and intellect to get the better of their superiors or of each other.


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