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Catacomb Party Art Show: Artist Line Up

Here is the artist line up for the up coming art show at the Catacomb Party

Gonzilla, Danielle Dozier, Austin Dozier, Alex Aguirre, Josephine Gildersleeve, Aaron Bernal, Abby Janzen, El Choco Fresh, Frank Tabarez, Doctored Designs, David Gomez, Julio Pinstriping, Arturo, Nerdy Chavez, Julz, Mario Escoto, Vongeek, Cyrus the Vyrus, Kasey Madden, Slagger, Steven Nunez Camacho, Zoombie, Panda vs Squid, Sophia Love, Mac Robertson, Roger Heckel, JI4R, Adam Mena, Bnise, Priscilla Monique, Sloppystitches, Bluemammal, Knistt, Par, LXB, Blair, Andrew Franco, Laura May, Martha Caudillo, Javier Carranza, Raquel Gutierrez, Donovan, Carlos Cisneros, Andrea Torrez, Jay Creations, Carrion, Nick (from Shredworthy), Jesse Guillen, Nuka, Snom, Johnathan Lopez, Marcos Contreras, Ish.

Thank you to all the artist involved, your efforts and hard work are much appreciated.


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