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A Trip Down Memory Lane: Luke Wessman

        Let me introduce you to Luke Wessman. For those of you that may not know who he is, Luke is a tattooer who is from the San Diego area. He’s been apart of Miami Ink and NY Ink’s behind the scene crew (BTS). He has also tattooed all over the world at many conventions and he has now opened up a private studio called The Summertown Inn, a well established artist and a all around hard working gentleman. Luke has been a figure in our journey that has had a everlasting effect on how we perceive art and in the manner in which we pursue knowledge. Not too many people know that tattooing was what got Gonzilla and I back into the creative flow. When we started our first of many road trips up and down California, Luke was the first to sit down with us and drop some knowledge. Since then our outlook on art has changed as well as our vision on what we are working for. If you ever get a chance to get tattooed by Luke or cross paths with him, consider yourself lucky. Be kind, Be humble, and work hard. Enjoy the video!

Much Respect Luke.


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