Stay Wyse, Stay Foolish

WyseFools 2017


It’s been an interesting last couple of months. Wysefools has gone through some changes and I’ve been telling myself it hasn’t been bugging me, but looking back at our lack of hustle I can tell it has. It is time to move forward. I’ve had some projects that I put on hold to keep all our shows going the past couple years and I think its time to finally go down that path. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop doing what we do, but it does mean we are going to slow down on the art shows. The Biggie pop up show was dope, we got Grizzly Fest coming up, and we got a surprise in the works. If something pops up then we roll with it but that is all we have planned for shows this year. Other than that I think we are going to focus more on doing mini documentaries. When we started this we always wanted to open up doors for artist, put local businesses on the map, and help the community grow. I think going this route we can still achieve that and we can still work on our personal stuff too. A Big Thanks to everyone who’s helped us along they way! Here’s to the rest of 2017!

Stay Wyse, Stay Foolish



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