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Eat My Shorts 4

So now that Grizzlyfest is over and we’ve met up with The Fresno Grizzlies, we can now announce Eat My Shorts 4!

On Thursday June 29th we will celebrate and have a tribute to The Simpsons at the park. We always like to push for bigger and thats what we are going to do this year (well, were gonna try HaHa). We are going to have the show in the park and we are adding a vendor village to this years show. Tickets for the Game/ArtShow can be purchased HERE get em now before they go. I can’t go into detail of what the park is doing but from what I’ve seen its gonna be dope AF. Also were collaborating on something that I hope people will enjoy. That’s all for now.

We’ve got the show filled up right now, but if for some reason someone needs to drop we’ll reach out to more artist. Thank You!

Also if you are interested in having a booth please contact


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